TUTU 2021 - Slovenian & International ballet competition will take place from 22 to 24 October 2021 in the Theater and Concert Hall Lendava. TUTU 2021 opens its doors to all ballet dancers, dancers and choreographers regardless of their nationality. In different categories of SOLO, GROUP and CHOREOGRAPHY, students of ballet schools with primary or extended curriculum, students of secondary ballet schools, students of higher and high ballet institutions and professional ballet dancers, regardless of their age, can compete. In 2021, TUTU will also maintain the category named GOLD in which professional ballet dancers from the age of 27 onwards can compete. The GOLD category is a special feature of the TUTU competition, as most ballet competitions do not allow professional dancers over the age of 27 to compete. If in all other SOLO and GROUP categories primarily technical and artistic performance is evaluated, in the GOLD category the stage presence and interpretation are primarily evaluated. The first novelty of the ballet competition TUTU 2021 is that in all categories, except in V. RED, VI. BORDEAUX and VII. GOLD, competitors instead of a two-round competition system, compete in a one-round competition system. Another novelty of TUTU are two new categories within the Competition of choreographic miniatures, where the category CHOREOGRAPHY PROFESSIONALLY joins two new categories CHOREOGRAPHY - PROMOTION OF OWN CREATIVITY 10 - 14 years, and CHOREOGRAPHY - PROMOTION OF OWN CREATIVITY 15 - 18 years. With them, we want to encourage young people to start working in the field of ballet choreography as soon as possible. Therefore, all ballet dancers are welcome to participate at the Ballet & Choreography competition TUTU 2021!

Next edition of TUTU: 20 - 23 June 2021

Lendava Theatre and Concert Hall / a Lendvai Színház és Hangversenyterem

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