Ballet competition for all ballet dancers and choreographers in different categories

TUTU 2022 - Slovene & international ballet competition will take place from 24th to 27th may 2022 on the Big stage of the Slovene national theatre in Maribor. TUTU 2022 opens its doors to all ballet dancers and choreographers, regardless of their nationality. Participants will be able to compete in different categories SOLO, GROOP and CHOREOGRAPHY. Participants can be students from ballet schools with basic or extended ballet programs, ballet academies and professional dancers regardless of their age. In 2022 the competition TUTU will again have the category GOLD in which professional dancers over 28 years of age are eligible to compete. The GOLD category is a speciality of our competition, since the majority of ballet competitions do not allow participants over the age of 28. While in the other SOLO and GROOP categories the focus lies on technical and artistic execution, in the GOLD category the emphasis is on the interpretation and stage presence. In all categories the participants will compete in two rounds, firs round and final round. The points from the first round will be added to the points from the final. The highest and the lowest points given by the judges from both rounds will be deleted. In 2022 the choreographic competition TUTU will again consist of three categories, which adds categories CHOREOGRAPHY - ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY 10 - 14 and CHOREOGRAPHY - ENCOURAGING CREATIVITY 15 - 18 to the previously existing category CHOREOGRAPHY - PROFESSIONAL. With these we would like to encourage young people to an early start in the field of choreography. We welcome all ballet dancers to participate in the ballet & choreographic competition TUTU 2022!

Next edition: TUTU 2022: 24 - 27 May 2022

Slovene national theatre Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia

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