TUTU 2020


Next edition:

20-23 June 2020

Lendava Theatre and Concert Hall / a Lendvai Színház és Hangversenyterem

About TUTU

TUTU is the only one International ballet competition in Slovenia where competitors can compete in solo categories or  in group categories. Next to it TUTU offer also Choreographic competition as Competition of Choreographic miniatures in the category named CHOREOGRAPHY.

The competitors may be:

  • STUDENTS OF BALLET SCHOOLS or BALLET ACADEMIES, Professional or Private  of all levels and  different teaching programmes due to solo categories,
  • BALLET SCHOOLS or BALLET ACADEMIES due to group categories,
  • INDIVIDUAL BALLET GROUPS due to group categories,
  • PROFESSIONAL BALLET DANCERS due to solo categories,
  • CHOREOGRAPHERS of Ballet or Contemporary dance. 


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Choreographic competition



Registration on arrival

Upon your arriving to the TUTU 2020 Ballet & Choreographic competition, you have to proceed the Competitors registration at the reception desk which is located in the large lobby of the Lendava Theater and Concert Hall, address Györgya Zale 1, 9220 Lendava. At the reception desk you will be greeted by TUTU staff who will carry out your registration.

Organised lunches

We made sure that you could order a good and cheap lunch during the TUTU 2020 Ballet Competition at the restaurant of Lendava Elementary school, which is located only a five-minute walk from the Lendava Theater and Concert Hall. There will be two menus available, meat and vegetarian.

Where to stay

Tutu 2020 proposes to participants of Competition some less and more expencive accommodation capacities in Lendava and surroundings. The accommodation facilities that competitors are obliged to provide by themselves are located at different locations, from those that are closer to the Theatre to those more far away from the Theatre.

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