Call for


The Slovenian Ballet artists association is publishing a call for applications to the International Competition of Choreographic Miniatures.


The organizer of the competition is the Slovenian Ballet artists association in cooperation with the Theater and Concert Hall Lendava.


Organizing Committee of the competition:

  • Tomaž Rode, President
  • Mirjana Šrot
  • Matjaz Marin


The international competition of choreographic miniatures will be held within the TUTU 2020 BALLET COMPETITION from 20 to 23 June 2020 on the stage of the Lendava Theater and Concert Hall and will be performed as the XIII. Category – CHOREOGRAPHY.

The competition will be held in one competition round with an artistic light designed by the competitor – choreographer.

The schedule of the Competition of Choreographic Miniatures will be published by the Organisation committee of Competition no later than 15 May 2020.

The Final concert with awards ceremony is scheduled for June 23, 2020 * at the evening.

* The Organisation committee may change the date of the Final concert with awards ceremony to an earlier date due to small number of competitors at TUTU 2020.


The purpose of the Competition of Choreographic Miniatures is to promote the Ballet and Dance, to evaluate Ballet and Dance in the broadest sense, to discover new choreographic potentials and to promote their development and quality in the field of choreography, as to inform the wider population about the current status and trends in choreography worldwide.


  • originality and innovation of choreographic expression
  • inventive use of space, music and other stage elements
  • inventiveness of costumes
  • shaped light design
  • stylish uniformity
  • high level of interpretation and implementation.


Competitors may apply for the Competition of Choreographic Miniatures exclusively through the “ONLINE APPLICATION FORM”, which is available on the website


For Competition of Choreographic Miniatures may apply individuals from the field of ballet or contemporary dance of all nations.


At the Competition of Choreographic Miniatures the Competitors compete with one choreography of minimum of five (5) and a maximum of ten (10) minutes.

One to twenty dancers may participate in single Choreography.


Music clips must be submitted via the online form: “SEND MUSIC FOR TUTU” in mp3 format by 7 June 2020.

MUSIC SUBMISSION FORM can be found at the following web link:

Music file names must containe the following information: name of the competitor – choreographer / title of choreography.


Live music is allowed.

Set design is not allowed, except the simple props.

The stage and the lighting options are identical for all competitors:

  • the artistic light is designed by the competitor – choreographer in accordance with the possibilities of the light park and with the help of light master;
  • the stage (color of the ballet floor, the side curtains, the back prospectus, etc.) is pre-determined and is the same for all competitors. It will only be possible to choose a back prospect in black or white;
  • for the technical and light requirements completed Online Technical Information Form must be submitted in advance by 7 June 2020 at the latest.

Online technical information form can be accessed at the following link: TECHNICAL INFORMATION FORM –  COMPETITION OF CHOREOGRAPHIC MINIATURES.

Each competitor – the choreographer will receive a schedule to design the light for his choreography.


The jury consists of 5 international and domestic recognise experts from the field of Ballet art.

The jury will be announced shortly before the competition in order to avoid lobbying.


The Application deadline for Competition of choreographic miniatures is 17 May, 2020.


A valid application is considered to be a fully completed and submitted online Application form.

All applications submitted until 17 May 2020 by 24:00 will be accepted.

Applications submitted on 18 May 2020 and later will not be accepted.


The jury will evaluate the choreography with points from 50 to 100.

The winner of the competition will be the competitor whose choreography will be evaluated with the highest number of points among all competitors.



The jury may assign the following awards:

  • 1x first prize,
  • 1x second prize,
  • 1x third prize.

The number of points between 85 and 100 must be awarded for each prize. A maximum of three awards may be assigned in accordance with the linearly achieved score:

  • The first prize can be awarded to the Competitor choreography with the highest score that should be not less than 95
  • The second prize can be awarded to the Competitor choreography with second score that should be not less than 90
  • The third prize can be won by the Competitor choreography with third score that should be not less than 85.

The jury may take decision to not assign any award in accordance to their criteria.
A single prize cannot be awarded to two or more choreographers.

Amount of prizes:

  • First prize: 700,00 eur brutto (95 – 100 points),
  • Second prize: 500,00 eur brutto (90 – 95 points),
  • Third prize: 300.00 eur brutto (85 – 90 points).

Prizes will be credited to the winners’ account in accordance with the request of the Jury.


Regardless to the number of points given by Jury, the first, second and third placed choreographers will receive a gold, silver and bronze medal.

In case that none of competing choreographies reach the number of points specified for prizes, this mean at least 85 points or more, the winner of the competition is the Choreographer who receive the highest number of points.

If the winner of Competition of Choreographic Miniatures does not reach the required number of points for receiving one of awards as prescribed under number 14 of this Call, he or she will be announced as a winner without receiving the award.


Special awards:

  • as a special award the artistic director of the Ballet of Slovene national theatre Opera and ballet Ljubljana and the artistic director of the Ballet of Slovene national theatre Maribor may choose one or more competing choreographies to include them in their regular program or Choreographers to collaborate with them;
  • up to a maximum of five Choreographies shown on the Competition may be chosen by the Slovenian Ballet Artists Association as a special award to include them in their regular publicly performed ballet events.


The Final concert with award ceremony will take place as a part of the TUTU 2020 Ballet & Choreography competition on 23 June 2020 at the Lendava Theater and Concert Hall. The competitors selected by the jury are required to appear at the Final concert and award ceremony.

* The Organisation committee may change the date of the Final concert with awards ceremony to an earlier date due to small number of competitors at TUTU 2020.


Anti-corruption provision:

It is not allowed to interfere in any way on the work of Jury.


The decision of Jury is final.

The decision of Jury can be objected only if there is an doubt that indicate non-compliance with the rules of competition. In such a case an written complaint must be send to the Honorary Tribunal of Competition as soon as possible but not later than two hours after the announcement of results.
The competition rules are adopted by the organising committee and published on the website


The Organizer does not cover any travel expenses, accommodation, subsistence, fees, costs of purchasing or hiring different materials as music rights, costumes etc. or any other costs to the competitors and participants of the competition.


The participation fee for the Competition of choreographic miniatures is 130,00 eur that must  be paid upon registration to the following account:

Slovenian Ballet artists association (Drustvo baletnih umetnikov Slovenije)
Župančičeva 1
1000 Ljubljana
Bank account number (IBAN): SI56 0201 0025 3272 398
opened at NLB d.d.,

For any questions regarding the Competition of choreographic miniatures the online Contact form must be filled out and submit. The Contact form is awailable at the Home page of

Organisation committee of TUTU 2020