Location TUTU 2020 – Ballet & Choreography competition

Lendava Theatre and Concert Hall / a Lendvai Színház és | Trg Györgya Zale 1 | 9220 Lendava / Lendva | Slovenia


The Lendava Theater and Concert Hall (Lendava Cultural Center) measures approx. 1400 m2. The building has three floors, at the first floor is the stage, at the first and second floor is the audience, at the second floor is the technical room and dressing rooms are placed mostly at the basement floor. The total usable area of the theatre is thus approx. 2400 m2.

The building is attractive in appearance, built according to the conceptual designs of the famous Hungarian architect Imre Makovac.


The stage has useful dimensions of 11 m wide and 14 m deep.  The central inner stage can be separated by a lifting door with a smaller flight deck.

The stage is equipped with the stage machinery where 7 motorized scenic trains and 2 arc trains are installed.

There are approx. 100 stage reflectors controlled via 84 dimmer channels (light theater controller).


  • ballet floor in black or gray color
  • covered orchestra pit
    black side curtains or billboards
  • white opera foil in the background
  • the possibility of a black curtain in the background for the Choreography category

In case of nice weather the organizer may decide to perform the competition on the summer side of the stage at the evening.